Volume 8

Studia Anglica 8 (2018) (PDF)

Special issue on English language education: synergy between theory and practice.
Editors for this volume: Monika Łodej and Agnieszka Strzałka.

Monika Łodej & Agnieszka Strzałka Pedagogical University of Cracow “Introduction to the Special Issue on ‘English language education: synergy between theory and practice’.”full text

 Lydia Sciriha University of Malta To what extent do the types of schools shape respondents’ perceived usefulness and use of English in bilingual Malta?”abstract  full text

 Patrice Larroque Université Toulouse-Jean Jaurès ‘The British drive on the left’: A contrastive approach to language learning.”abstract  full text

Alexandra Uzoaku Esimaje & Obiageli Nnamani Benson Idahosa University and Enugu State University of Science and Technology Attitude of present-day educated Nigerians to Nigerian English.”abstract  full text

Marija Stevkovska International Balkan University  “The role of Comprehensible Input in acquiring English as an L2 by young learners and pedagogical implications.”abstract  full text

Petranka Ruseva Shumen University, College-Dobrich “Imperatives in classroom language.”abstract  full text

Dominika Dzik Pedagogical University of Cracow Investigating the impact of L2 English lexis on the acquisition of L3 Spanish lexis.”abstract  full text

Yuliya Asotska-Wierzba Pedagogical University of Cracow Scaffolding strategic academic reading in online language learning.”abstract  full text

Yulia M. Gorbacheva & Elena A. Volnikova Penza State Technological University Perfect forms in Russian and English linguistic view of the world in  an   ethnocultural context.” abstract  full text

Agnieszka Strzałka Pedagogical University of Cracow  Yes, you can”. Constraints and resources in teaching speaking to secondary school students.”abstract  full text

Monika Łodej Pedagogical University of Cracow  Dyslexia screening and diagnostic procedures and their implications for the EFL context in Poland.”abstract  full text

Agata Cierpisz Jagiellonian University in Kraków Book review:  Lankiewicz, H. (2015). Teacher Language Awareness in the Ecological Perspective. A Collaborative Inquiry Based on Languaging. Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego.”full text

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